For Starters

You Made It.
We've Been
Expecting You

Now quick, grab a seat.

Welcome to the Premier Agency! We are a PR & Creative Agency specializing in building relationships and integrated marketing strategies for the lifestyle and hospitality industries. We’re an energetic (no really, we love coffee) and creative team of people who thrive on finding innovative ways to showcase and elevate your brand. In other words, we’re the burger to your milkshake, the chips to your dip, and the cheese to your wine.

Our Process

Step One - Brainstorming

Herding your ideas until the cows come home.

We’re a bunch of doers and thinkers, generally leaving the grazing for the cattle. Our first step is simple…identifying your goals and conceptualizing ways to help you achieve them. Learning about your vision while adding our unconventional 'ingredients' makes for a great recipe. Let's get cooking!


Step Two - Meat & Potatoes

So what's on the menu?

All of our services are specifically prepared to your individual tastes and likings. After reviewing our menu of services, we look to create that perfect dish (or in this case, strategy) to craft a plan and stick to it like white on rice (or brown rice, if that’s your thing).


Step Three - Rounding It Out

This is where we get to the good stuff!

We love seeing our projects take flight in an effort to achieve our final goal… results. We use a combination platter of public relations, social media, creative design & events to effectively shape and promote your brand, get your name out there and generate buzz. Now that things have marinated, are you ready for a taste?

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